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Sailing at Elemental UK

Learning to sail with ElementalUK is a joy because it takes place at Swanpool, a sheltered and really rather gorgeous natural arena for the sport. We have boats to meet all your sailing needs. Our double-handed Laser Bahias are brilliant for instructor-supported beginner sessions, but are also a great way to give you your first exhilarating experience of spinnaker sailing. We also have single-handed Laser Picos and Topper Topaz dinghies, which are perfect for your first taste of solo sailing. These boats are virtually indestructible and easy to right. Needless to say, we always have power-craft on the water to provide you with general back-up and rescue cover.

2019 tuition prices

1hr 2hrs Half day Full day
One to one
£40 £65 £80 £135
2-8 people
£25 £40 £55 £85
9+ people
£22 £35 £40 £70

2019 hire prices

1hr 2hrs Half day Full day
Pico Hire
£25 £40 £55 £100

Sailing courses

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