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School activities at Elemental UK


ElementalUK has been delivering high-quality outdoor educational activities for many years. We have a close association with our local schools and with schools all over the country, and we pride ourselves on forming excellent working relationships with staff and students alike.  

We have a huge amount of experience of working with children and young people across all Key Stages and abilities. This starts with Key Stage 1, where we help develop water skills and water confidence at a very young age, and continues with older students from schools across the UK and throughout Cornwall, some of whom ultimately participate in the Work Experience Programme.

Schools overview
Schools overview
Schools overview

The value of our work is widely recognised and we have earned the Investors in Enterprise and Work Related Learning award from Cornwall Education Business Partnership. 

ElementalUK also works in partnership with Cornwall Marine Network delivering an Apprenticeship Programme aimed at young people aged from 16 to 24. This, along with our Work Experience Programme, is extremely popular and is oversubscribed each year.  

We also work with older students, both in and out of curriculum time, and have recently run a very successful Year 11 PE project to ensure that students are remaining engaged in sport right through to the end of their compulsory education. 

As well as working with our local schools, ElementalUK has been organising school trips for many years, bringing students from across the country down to the south-west to experience our Cornwall Adventure holidays, as well as taking groups on Winter Ski trips and on French Adventure trips to the Alps.

With 30 years’ experience (18 years as a head teacher) I have never had any greater trust or confidence in working with various local and national Outdoor Education providers, as I do with ElementalUK and I can unreservedly recommend Dany Duncan and his team to you.
Richard Gambier, Marlborough School, Falmouth