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SUP at Elemental UK

The latest craze to sweep the nation’s coastline, stand-up paddle-boarding (or SUP, for short) is a great addition to our range of watersports.  SUP can be done on a fairly high-octane basis in surf, as well as in long-distance races or short sprints. Alternatively, you can do it at a more leisurely pace to explore calmer creeks and coastlines. It is really easy to pick up and burns loads of calories in a low-impact way, as well as developing core stability. 

2019 tuition prices

1hr 2hrs Half day Full day
One to one
£30 £50 £65 £115
2-8 people
£20 £30 £40 £65
9+ people
£18 £26 £35 £60

2019 hire prices

1hr 2hrs Half day Full day
SUP Hire
£10 £16 £24