When The Wind Blows...

You’ll pick up the basics of windsurfing in a flash thanks to our specialist instructors and land-based windsurfing simulator. All our kit is perfect for beginners to hone their skills and build their confidence on the water. What’s more, Swanpool is the perfect location because we get strong and fairly clean winds and, depending on wind direction, we can have nice flat water for fine-tuning your manoeuvres.

*Please note that our windsurfing gear is for begginer level and our lessons are geared towards begginers. Please get in touch if you are after a more intermediate lesson and we will adapt accordingly.* 


2023/24 Tuition Prices

  1hr 2hrs Half day Full day
One to one £40  £65  £80  £135 
2-6 people £25  £40  £55  £85 


2023/24 Hire Prices

  1hr 2hrs Half day Full day
Windsurf Hire £15  £25  £30  £45 


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